Celebrate your loves. Cultivate life. They are precious.

The universal order of things is a dance of giving and receiving. You can't have one without the other and you can't have either in extreme. To quote a friend of mine, "That's just an insult to the Grandness."

Our adornments for the body become touchstones for the soul. Wear them to commemorate your love, to honor the life of a loved one who has passed, or to mark a personal triumph or milestone.

When you purchase your Giving Ring, you celebrate and support places, people, or life forms that hold passion for you and that excitement ripples out in endless circles. It's a beautiful way to give and to receive. $250 of every purchase is donated to a beneficiary you choose. Tell me your favorite or give to one of ours.

My Philosophy

I would prefer to have a few preciously forged touchstones than a jewelry box crammed full of my silly moods and fancies. Through a long life, you consume far less when you indulge in art jewelry made of fine recycled metals.

My business is based on five pillars: Lovingkindness, Generosity, Appreciation, Joyfulness, and Respect. Overlaid upon that foundation are the five graces that forge my personal growth: Creativity, Reflection, Beauty, Kindness, and Passion.

Thank you for spending some time here. I hope that one of my Giving Rings becomes something very precious to you.

Susan Carol Stein